KPMG Global Automotive Survey

An extract of the latest five Global Automotive Executive Surveys

Global Automotive Executive Survey 2019

Seamless Vehicle2Grid transition is a treasure of islands. See them sooner with KPMG.

(January 2019)


Global Automotive Executive Survey 2018

Today, auto execs are surrounded by virtually unlimited white spots. The world has changed and unpredictable development cycles, indefinite touchpoints, incoherent technological roadmaps and corporate cultures are the new normal. It’s time to join forces, refocus on a strong asset-based heritage, wisely conquer new white spots and find out how and where asset-based companies can really compete with non-asset based digital giants who claim the same roles, touchpoints and profit streams.

(January 2018)

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Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017

Say goodbye to a complete auto-digital fusion – say hello to the ‘next’ dimension of co-integration.

(January 2017)

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Global Automotive Executive Survey 2016

Mobile connectivity, the value of customer data and self-driving cars are the next big thing.

(January 2016)

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Global Automotive Executive Survey 2015

OEMs need to think about how to reshape their business model from a genuinely product-driven approach to a more service- & customer-oriented model.

(January 2015)